Update killed my iStop Motion

I just tried to run my iStop Motion, and it wanted to update. So I clicked as usual, now find I have iStop Motion 3, and I have to pay $49.99. My old iStop Motion has gone.

The new one asks for my license, then goes on to give me two choices - buy ($49.99) or upgrade ($49.99)…

I’m a bit annoyed that this stealth upgrade has been installed - with a demand for money, deleting my old and working version. Am I doing something wrong, or is the only way back to restore from my backup and ignore update requests for this application in future?

Sorry for the inconvenience! Usually you can’t update automatically to a payed version. That why I think that we have a bug somewhere in the update process. Please can you tell me which version you used before the update?

Same thing here. I wasn’t told updating requires buying a new license. That’s not the way I like to be treated. ;-(
Would be great if you would come up with a solution to get back to a working version.

@MacHeistCustomer and @Phooto: You can download the previous version of iStopMotion (v2.8.4) here:


(Scroll a bit down to the “Previous Versions” section)

Please tell me, which version you used to update, so we can look into it! Thanks!