This is the one Boinx product that I’ve been disappointed in. IMHO, the user interface is very poor and coufusiing. In particular I don’t like Cover Flow! Any thoughts of some changes? Thanks!

Bye R@y

Really sorry to hear that. Most feedback we get says that PhotoPresenter is very easy and straight-forward to use.

If you have any specific ideas or questions please feel free to either post them here or send them to us, through PhotoPresenter > Provide Feedback.

It annoys me to regularly come across negative comments about products without any suggestions for improvements or changes.
I know some people how actually have changed over from PC to MAC because FotoMagico impressed them with the quality and features of the application.
Please keep discussions relevant and positive.


I like PhotoPresenter 4.1.1’s. ease of importing and exporting.

I have encountered a problem, however, that restricts its use.

After uploading an album from iPhoto and running preview, some of the photos are blank (a question mark). Each time I run preview, different photos show up blank.

Upon exporting to iDVD the photo captions frequently do not match the accompanying photos. Very frustrating and renders PP4 unusable.

Anyone have similar experience? Is there a solution?

I am running 10.6.7, iPhoto and iDVD 11


PhotoPresenter has a timeout, when loading photos. If an image file could not be loaded within 5-7 seconds, it will display the question mark slide. The larger the image files or the slower the hard disk, the more often the question mark will appear. It may help, to resize images down to screensize - or a bit more - to make them load faster.

Does the captions only get mixed up on DVD Export or on playback, too? Is shuffling turned on?

I’ve just purchased PhotoPresenter 4.1.1 and the iWeb option isn’t enabled.
Mac OS 10.6.7 … any solution would be greatly appreciated.

Just to make sure: you have iLife (with iWeb) installed? What version is it? We do check for an installation and only allow the export in case iWeb is there. If it is installed please contact our support team, most conveniently via PhotoPresenter > Provide Feedback.

I am reviewing PhotoPresenter 4 during the 5 day trial period. One thing I’ve noticed is the “Created by PhotoPresenter 4” caption on all slideshows. Is this a feature of the trial period or is this standard in the application?

Trial limitation.

I am deciding if the presenter or foto is better for the slideshows with no loss of quality, any feedback would be great

If you are talking about output quality, there is no real difference since both can output through an external display at maximum quality. PhotoPresenter has less options which makes you create a show faster. In terms of controlling the animation, timings etc. FotoMagico would be your choice. You can trial both for free, just download from our website.

Using Lion, when I export as quicklime movie, it works the 1st time. 2nd export crashes the program. When I reopen the app and try to export again it locks up my entire computer about 1/2 the time. The other 1/2 the time step 1 and 2 repeat until the entire computer locks up again. Can you update this program to work in Lion? Thanks

I guess I have the updated Lion version already installed. This issue still is a problem. Any idea if you can fix this or have a work around?

PhotoPresenter has always worked well for me before, but now it is producing fuzzy output. The pictures are not nice and sharp. My slides are 1280 x 728 PNG files in an Aperture library, but when exported at 1280 x 728 QuickTime, they get blurry, as if an image with smaller dimensions were being scaled up. In fact, that actually seems to be what’s going on, since if I run the slideshow from PhotoPresenter, I get a little image right in the middle of the screen rather than the full 1280 x 728 image. Suggestions?

Since this is already discussed in the other thread you openend I’ll close this one.

Link: http://forum.boinx.com/discussion/274/problems-with-aperture-libraries#Item_2