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Hi there! Nice article! Did you guys measure the horizontal or vertical angle of view? From the picture, it looks like you captured the horizontal ones? Do you already have angles for the 5c and 5s? Thanks!

@carambaapps: You are right, we measured the horizontal angle of view in land scape mode. As soon as we get our hands on the new iPhone 5c and 5s we are going to update the table. Thanks for the reminder!

Hi guys! Any chance of updating this list with the iPad Air values? Thx in advance!

hi guys! what a great list! i have (what i hope is not a stupid) question! what does the FOV numbers refer to? i’m assuming the first number is the FOV in mm and a 35 mm camera equivalent?? and what does the second number reference?

thanks so much! i hope you guys are still around!