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We use JVC GY-HM 100 & 150 camcorders. There is no firewire port on these. We also use Final Cut Pro Studio V.7 What kind of cable would I need to go from the camera to the iMac computer in order to use iStopMotion software?

The camera seems to provide its live video only via the HDMI output so you will need a HDMI capture hardware to get the live feed into iStopMotion.

I would like to record in 720 but boinx does not see my two cameras ( JVC GY HD200) when they are in their hdv setting. It sees them in the dv setting with out an issue. Is there a setting I need to change in boinx to get my cameras to work in high def?

@faithbaptistmedia: I assume you have connected the camera via FireWire. You will need a certain HDV codec which gets installed when you install e.g. Final Cut. Unfortunately this isn’t installed by default in MacOS-X.

is there a way to down morer then one song to your slideshow

I’m having problems with buffering when I’m trying to navigate around, i.e. I’ll place the arrow over a function and the coloured spiral appears. This happens after several minutes after the programme has started up. I’m using a MacBook Pro with a Nikon D800. I’m running the time lapse programme.

@baybgirl51: Unfortunately you can only import one audio file into iStopMotion. Usually you animate your objects to synch to an audio file. If you have multiple audio files in sequence please create separate iStopMotion projects. If you want to do post production (adding sound effects), we recommend iMovie or Final Cut to do so.

@DamianDovison: Once the colored spinning beach ball appears does the app recover from this state after a while, or does it keeping unresponsive?

After a while the spinning ball goes and the arrow re appears but the function requested wont work,i.e. turn off time lapse.
Once the arrow is moved again the spinning ball returns and I have to go through whole thing again. I could only stop the time lapse sequence by turning the camera off.

@DamianDavison: Please take a process snapshot while the spinning beach ball is present and send the report to support(at)boinx.com with a link to this post. To create a process snapshot, please do the following:

  • Start iStopMotion
  • Start the app “Activity Monitor” by Apple. You will get a window showing all the processes running on your system.
  • Find “iStopMotion” in the list and select it.
  • Now start working in iStopMotion and reproduce the spinning beach ball.
  • Once you find iStopMotion to be unresponsive quickly switch to the Activity Monitor and click on “Sample Process”. This will collect lots of statistic data about iStopMotion which may give me some clue whats happening on your machine.
  • After the sampling is finished you will get a new window with the report. Please save the report to your Desktop by clicking “Save…” in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Send this file to support(at)boinx.com.


how do u burn a dvd of your slideshow

@marisphoto: What application you are talking about? PhotoPresenter or FotoMagico?