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I’m a prof wedding photograph and I use Adobe LR4. I create one catalog for each wedding (it’s my workfflow) but Fotomagico 4 loads always only the same one. How can I swap catalog and see the albums I need for each wedding? E.g. iTunes’ working properly, as soon as I create a new playlist FM 4shows it in the media browser. Can you help for LightRoom as well? Thks.Max, wedding phototographer

We query Lightroom for its catalog and so we’ll get the last catalog in use. Right now only one catalog at a time is supported. I’ll hand your request to engineering though.

Started a new slide show and have 70 pics in the time line. How can I sort and arrange the pics in the time line?

@joewp You simply grab individual slides with your mouse cursor and drag them to another position in the timeline. Does this work for you?