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Hi. Im using an Canon EOS 600D but it isn not working. What can i do? :frowning:

Let’s suppose to have a DSLR with live view iStop motion compatible.
Will be frames inserted in the movie at the camera preview resolution (low res) or at camera photo’s resolution (HD)?

Could you please make the Canon 70D compatible?

Hi I am using a Nikon D800 and just downloaded a demo version of iStopmotion to shoot an animation. However although the program recognises the camera (via the HDMI output port) I am not able to get a live preview.
Am I doing something wrong ?
This cable allows me to do tethered shooting into Lightroom.

Hi. I have read all the relevant comments etc throughout this forum & others & still havent found a satisfactory solution to my problem. I am running a 5D MkII to my imac & cannot get Live view which I want to use as part of the istopmotion package. When I plug the camera in, istopmotion recognises the camera but says I need to manually update the preview by pressing the preview button in the “transport area”. Where or what is the “Transport Area”. Also, can you please advise if there is a specific cable I should be using. iStopmotion is recognising my camera with the USB Im using, but no image from the camera is registering on the computer software. Thanks.