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Please assist me in setting up the Panasonic HDC-TM700. The Still Camera tool does not recognize the camera. I have used both USB and HDMI connectors.

What about Digital SLR Cameras.?

Unfortunately this software is useless for the purposes that it is sold so long as it is not able to use any digital cameras. It fails the Warranty of Merchantability. Quite sad. Was hoping to enthrall my daughter. Oh, wells.

I have the same issue with a panasonic sd900. I thought connecting the camcorder to the macbookpro would be very easy through the hmdi port. But it doesn’t work like that. The mac doesn’t recognise the camera. I was suggested to buy a converter (black magic intensity extreme) but it hasn’t worked either… yet… any other suggestions?

trying to connect canon vixia HF S10 with hdmi cable to a macbook pro 2006 running 10.7, having lots of trouble. tried USB connector as well, although that did not work either. I believe this is more a problem with the camera than with my computer or the program, but its worth a shot. suggestions?

I am trying to use iStopmotion 2.8 with a Sony Firewire camera [DFW model]. In previous versions there was the option to adjust and auto-tune the white balance however this is missing in later versions of the software. There aren’t any settings on camera as you would find on a DSLR, so all the footage looks yellow. Does anyone know whether there is support for this in version 3, or if there are any utilities to get around this lacking feature? Cheers!

I have a Macbook pro, OS 10.7 and a GroPro Hero 2 with a WiFi back pack. I would like to run this camera with iStopmotion yet neither the GoPro or istopmotion app are set up to work on my Macbook pro. How can I use this camera with wifi/ Mac combo? Thanks!

i have a mac book air 10.7.4 11 inch and it dosent have a firewire port can i use a camera with a usb and if so what cameras are recomended with usb thanks!

Webcam : the aGent V6 from liquid Digital works fine with iStopMotion3 on my iMac i5, OS X 10.7.
Manual focus. Auto exposure and auto white balance were an issue, so I downloaded “Webcam Settings” (7 euros on the Mac App Store) and I control them perfectly. The only thing out of control is depth of field, but I don’t dream : a webcam isn’t a DSLR :wink:

I am teacher who was excited to be teaching stop motion video to my students and found out the schools camera is incompatible with the program. Meanwhile the Nikon 5100 is listed as a compatible camera for this program. I am disappointed. I am using a Macbook Pro in Lion. I have tried in Mountain Lion to no avail. Using an i phone is cute but impractical unless using a tripod. I wouldn’t know where to start there. I am left to use an old firewire canon video camera to take low resolution shots. Please advise how can I get a live preview to shoot projects.

Changes in technology are effectively a double step back for iStopmotion users - cameras with a live video feed (ie with firewire) are becoming fewer because you don’t need it when you are recording to SD card. Secondly, Apple is phasing firewire out from Macs. Unfortunately using iStopmotion with a webcam is low quality and using a DSLR is slow and you lose the onion skinning effect so useful when working with children.

I haven’t fully investigated, but an answer - probably - may be to spend more more on a Black Magic interface and use a camera with HDMI output.

I have one macbook air and camcorder CANON HF11, but when I connect the HF11 to the mac via USB, it’s no recognized neither on the mac nor in the iStopMotion. Any idea?

Please can you just publish a list of compatible cameras? I got a Toshiba because I need to animate, only to discover it isn’t compatible.

We changed our policy for “supported Cameras”. We have a list of supported DSLRs that we tested by our selfs. Other cameras (including video or USB cameras) may work but you are on your own to test it yourself. Please read this article http://boinx.com/connect/istopmotion/supportedcameras/ to learn more about it.

It’s really hard from that page to find out what cameras you actually do support Achim, I really don’t think ‘buy a camcorder and see if it works’ is a great mantra for customer service.

@danj: We never did have a list of compatible camcorders because the decision is very simple: If the camcorder of your choice has a firewire connection then it will work with iStopMotion. However, you can’t find camcorders with firewire connection anymore. The vendors switched to using USB ports but without providing a live view of the camera with it. Therefor low cost camcorders aren’t compatible with iStopMotion anymore in general. Thats why we decided to support digital still cameras because they provide a live view over USB and produce a high quality output. My personal advise: If you are looking for a new hardware to do stop motion animation go with a DSLR.

will a pentax DSLR K5 or K3 work with iStopMotion?

It will not deliver a live video as we only support live view for Nikon an Canon. If it supports the PTP standard, you can capture single frames and insert them into the timeline. If you have one of these cameras, please download a demo of iStopMotion and give it a try yourself.

Hi, I can see live view with Canon 5D Mark II with USB, but I can’t capture the image and then it always said the camera is not connected. Please advice. Thanks