Ultrastudio 3D & Secondary Output on macbookpro

Hi there,

I have a macbookpro connected thrue thunderbolt with a UltraStudio 3D.
My picture is perfect and i can edit and stream with no problem.


I need to send my live window thrue my secondary output card to broadcast system (SDI).
My thunderbolt is used with my Ultrastudio3D and this item can’t capture and playback in the sametime.
How can I send my LIFE Window thrue a secondary output without thunderbolt (mini displayport)??? Macbook has only one thunderbolt

I become crazy with that !!!

Txs a lot !!!


As playout works through the secondary display out, I think there is no possibility. Blackmagic decided not to loop Thunderbolt through the US3D so I really don’t see a way to do that. Sorry.

Nick from Boinx told me that Thunderbolt supports daisy chain connection (up to 7 chained devices).

I don’t really understand what kind of hub/hardware I need to add a second display.

Any idea ?

Does the AJA io XT http://www.aja.com/en/products/io-xt/#/overview works with my setup ?

It has 2 thunderbolt ports.
Is it recognize by Boinx ?