Two Firewire cameras

I´m planning to use BoinxTV with two firewire cameras in a MacBook Pro 17" 2011. One camera connected to MBP native firewire port and second one to expresscard 34 Firewire adapter. Does BoinxTV give real time preview of both cameras?. Any web with this info?.

I am about to put together the same set up… as far as I can tell… as soon as you select the camera layer… a live preview shows up in left panel of the interface. the top part of the panel has the preview and below it has all the parameters for the source.

Hi mcigala and steven,

if you want to preview both video sources at the same time, you have to use the “Video Switcher Layer” (The Placer Layer only shows one source at a time). In the Video Switcher Layer you can setup the video sources you want to switch. (The first one is “Layers Below” and so it can’t preview their content in the preview window, just use “B” and “C” in your case to have the video sources side by side). You can detach a bigger preview window for this layer by clicking the double window icon in the upper right corner of the layer preview. Also you can collapse the preview view in the document window by double clicking on the layer title bar to have more room left for layer settings. In the “Control” section of the Video Layer Settings you find several buttons to switch between the sources. It is very handy to setup short cut keys for each button you need.

(The Video Switcher Layer is only available in the BoinxTV Full version, since the BoinxTV Home version only supports one video source)

The Video Switcher works great on my MacBook Pro - I use 3 Sony z5u’s - yes 3! (All connected via FW)
To be certain it’s really hogging the RAM BUT it does work.

The only thing I’d like to see is the “top left camera” ie layers below in the switcher box. Anyone able to figure this out . . . I might have missed a step somewhere.

My preferred computer is an 8 core with 16 GB of RAM with 3 FW 800 cards. We can do 4 cameras no problem using CAT-5 cable and a FW converter.

Graham River Productions
Fan of Boinx!

Hello Graham,

for technical reasons it isn’t possible that the layer preview shows the content of the “layers below”. Sorry for this inconvenience!