Twitter - LIVE - Connection Error Rate Limit Reached (420)

Hi,trying the witter live on Mimolive, With Search #lesmachins, I got this message comming lots of time and it seems to block the app to work ok. What does it means ? What can I do ?

@Julos53 Thank you for using mimoLive. I’m sorry that you experience this problem. It seems that this happens if you’re using the “Search” and take a long time either keeping the field empty or entering the search term. This is caused by a bug in the way we try to connect to Twitter which causes too many requests being sent. We’re going to fix this problem. Meanwhile, the rate is reset every 15 minutes.

@Julos53 Can you please confirm which version of mimoLive you’re using?


I have a same problem. I use the last beta version 2.9b1, Apr 21st 2017.
I don’t test with a stable version.


@“Oliver (Boinx)” have you a news for this function ?


@“Oliver (Boinx)” You don’t respond about my question ?

Wait your news
Thanks you

@Digiping One problem could be using the same Twitter account on multiple devices and working simultaneously with them (at least this was an issue another customer reported to us and they where able to work around by using different accounts on different devices). Also: Do you change the search field often? Or is it always the same search term? What do you search for?