Twitter Layer

I need to know because the layer of Twitter I can not access my twitter account to see my twits, I saw in youtube a video where the person if you can. Link
Please tell me I can do? I just bought this software yesterday.

With Twitter introducing oAuth, this is not possible any more. Sorry.

Only can you tell me which is the reason that now can not count on it?

As I said, twitter introduced oAuth and with the possibilities we have, logging in with your credentials is impossible as sending username & password doesn’t do the trick any more.

I can report that includes the option material Adds On Custom Layer($999.00usd)?

You should be able to display your tweets with the search for “from:” within BoinxTV. More on searching Twitter:

Thanks a lot!!! It works well…
I found a way to make a twitter feed scroll from left to right using news crawl layer ( )
Is there a way to show only the most recent tweets? Or is there an alternative way of showing the most recent tweets? It’s just that I don’t like the bubble thing in the twitter layer…

Thanks, I think with this I can achieve what I needed.