twitter layer crashing in version 2.3

When attempting to add the twitter layer to a new document using non-beta mimoLive v.2.3, the application crashes every time. This is the case with both a late 2013 Macbook Pro and a Mid 2010 MacPro. I tried it about 6 times on each computer and it crashed each time when attempting to add the layer to the layer stack. I have a job coming up very soon and client wants to use the twitter feature. Please advise!

@alternativeplan Sorry to hear about the troubles. Please try the latest mimoLive beta. We’ve just used the Twitter layer successfully in another project with mimoLive 2.4b2

In addition to that, if you’ve created the document with an older version of mimoLive, try creating a fresh document with the Twitter layer and please let me know if that works.

Thank you. I am able to use the twitter layer in 2.4b2. I do have a high profile job coming up and am nervous about using beta product on it, but if you recommend I do so over the current non-beta, I suppose I must. Fingers crossed!
Also, in the 2.3 version, it was crashing with a fresh document.