Twitter Feed, Favourites has stopped propogating

My apologies if this has already been posted. I tried a search but i keep getting an error here in the forum.
Anyway, my issue is that my twitter feed has suddenly stopped pushing. I had it searching for my favourites and that was working great. As soon as I favourited anything, BAM it pushed it to my boinx almost immediately.
about a month ago, it just stopped working.
I hadn’t updated any software. I hadn’t done anything. just no more pushes.

Is there something I should try? I’ve logged out of the twitter account, logged back in. Reactivated it. Not sure what else to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

I joined this forum to also inquire about this issue. I’ve tried everything as well. Re-authorizing, log out, log in, heck I even tried a clean install of Boinx with zero success. This is quite frustrating as I really need to use the Twitter feed. What gives, guys?