TV formatted slide how too large

I created a 10 minute slide show with titles and music. FotoMagico 4.4 formatted a file with the suffix .mov. It was intended for screening on a flat screen TV. I was surprised at the file size of 9.93GB. We could not achieve our objective because every time we tried to transfer the file we met with this statement: “The item “” can’t be copied because it is too large for the volume’s format”.

Comment or ideas.


If you use a formated harddisk with fat 32 file system you can only copy files with max. 4 GB. You have to use a file format like hfs+ or ntfs.


the question is: What setting did you use to export it. If you use a Prores export (that won’t play on a TV using the TVs USB port anyway) it will end up that large. I’d suggest using the AppleTV export (not sending to iTunes) and using this export. It should be considerably smaller.