turn off ken burns effect and other stuff

Hello there folks,

Just upgraded to FM3 Pro today after using home for a while. A few things are bugging me…

First of all, is it possible to turn off the ken burns effect for all image slides? I’m not a big fan of it so would like to turn it off by default.

Also, I use Vimeo for my HD video projects and i’m trying to work out what the best method is to export my slideshows? Today i’ve looked at the options and i’m really confused. The best option appears to be “HD” but what I really want is a high quality MP4, but the MP4 export isn’t that great in FM3 Pro. What i’m having to do is export in HD and then run the resulting file through Miro Video Converter (free on the Mac App store) to get the MP4 that I want. Is there a way I can export something directly from FM3 without having to use another app?

That will do for now, thanks for your time!


There is no default setting for that, but if you select all the slides of a show and click on the “Pan & Zoom” button, it will be disabled for the entire show.

I thought Vimeo accepts many file formats? So is there a special reason you have to stay on the mp4?