Trying to use iPhone and Canon 60d

So, i went through the forums, I just want to make sure that I understand. I wanted to use an iPhone as a video source and have been having the same problems as others, where it looks like it’s doing a screen capture of my phone so the iPhone camera control show up. I don’t want to screen capture(with iPhone record button and tools showing) I want to use it as just a video source(sans screen tools, only video source) so there’s no way of doing it without buying extra software?

I’ve also tried connecting my Canon DSLR and adding it as a video source, I’ve gone through the forms again but none of it is giving me the answers. It does not show up as a video source in the Preferences or in the source button in the lower right hand tools for source. I’ve googled it and I’ve tried many different camera settings and program settings but still cannot get it to show up. If anyone has any advice I’d love to hear it. Thank you

Also, the iPhone connects via a thunderbolt cable and the Canon 60 D is being connected through USB, I might need a mini HDMI cable for the camera but other than that what if anything am I missing

@aarkos23 Are you using still using BoinxTV or are you using mimoLive?

For the iPhone: Look for the “mimoCam” app in the App Store. It only shows the camera on screen, so the “screen capture” won’t show the tools.

Regarding the Canon DSLR, I’m not sure that you can use it with BoinxTV. Getting an HDMI Grabber such as the Magewell HDMI USB3 dongle might work and connect the camera via HDMI.

If you’re using mimoLive, you can install the Canon2Syphon app ( and use the Syphon Source to get the video into mimoLive.