Trying to share with iPhone5 or iPad2

Although i have created many a photo slideshowover the years, I am new to iMac and have only just purchased FotoMagico4. On the face of it , it seems to be just what i was looking for. I soon got into the swing of things, had a play around and created a small slideshow. Thought i would have a go at sharing my slideshow via my iPhone 5, it seemed to go ok until at the very last minute a message said there was a problem and it must be sent to the trash bin, tried to do that and another message said because of the problem it must be sent manually to the trash bin. Went back to my slideshow, even tweaked a few things, but evertime i try to share with iphone 5 or my ipad 2, the problem persists. Looking through the forums i think is is not only me with this problem…ant advice.

Thanks for feedback, so far we weren’t able to reproduce this issue here but have received a couple of identical reports. We are currently trying to find out why something like this can happen in the first place and then find out what we can do against this issue.

If I can help in anyway to try and resolve this problem, please do not hesiate to contact me. ;:wink: