Trying for 2 HD Cam on a MBP


So I wasn’t able to really find this online anywhere but here goes.

My goal is connect at least 2 HD cameras to a MBP
2.66 i7
w/ express port
8GB Ram
nvidia 330m GT 512mb
240gb ssd HDD

Now from what I have noted, this appears to be too much to handle for my MBP so I got the idea of treating these 2 cameras as one source. My idea is this.

Firstly, acquire something like this:
Specifically the intensity shuttle (will this work with boinx?)

then connect a simple hdmi splitter to the shuttle and that’s that!

I’d just like to know if this has been attempted before and with what results. Does anyone recommend a specific HDMI splitter? Does the Intensity Shuttle unit work with boinx? Help needed!


Yes, the Intensity product line from BlackMagic works with BoinxTV. Anyways you need to have a HDMI “switcher” (not a “splitter”) to accomplish your goal. A splitter is used to connect two consumers to one source, a switcher is used to switch between two sources to be feed into one consumer. There are HDMI switchers out there, but the cheap ones don’t do a synchronization between the video signals while switching, so you properly will see drop outs when switching. Real HDMI switchers are expensive.