Triggering multiple layers, with a variant in each

I have 3 separate layers (Scrolling text, Lower 3rd, and Image), and each of those layers has 20 Variants.
There is a variant from each of the 3 layers that belongs together.

Is there a way to trigger the variants together, when I have so many?

I am trying to create a presentation where I go through each variant group, one-by-one until the end of the variant group.

@“Mick Knutson” Thank you for using mimoLive and for taking the time to post your question!

This is a very interesting use case. Have you looked at the Remote Control Surfaces? I think you can accomplish what you want by setting up a button for each step of your presentation. For each button, you can set up multiple actions, for example, turn some variants off while turning others on.

Let me know if this works for you.

You could also achieve this by assigning the same hotkey to each of the layer variants you want to trigger together.

So Ctrl-1 would trigger variant 1 in each of the layers etc.