Trial version files

I downloaded the trial version for my daughter to play with before purchasing. After 2 days of using it I saved the movie. I then paid for for it through the apple app store. After downloading, the licensed version will not open the trail version’s saved movie. Can someone explain why?

There isn’t anything in iStopMotion that distinguish between demo and licensed version when saving a movie file. So it should open. Can the movie be opened with QuickTime Player?


  1. Please don’t use iStopMotion Demo for production! We are stamping a watermark into the images which can’t be removed and your hard work will be marked as “Created with a demo version of iStopMotion” for ever!
  2. If you continuously working on a project, please create new document for each capture session, because QuickTime has a bug that causes to corrupt movie files if they get to big and new movie data gets append to them.

Didn’t answer the question of why I cannot even open the trial version file in the registered version. I know there is a watermark, that is not the issue. the movie she created is only 12 seconds long

Sorry for being unclear: My side note shouldn’t answer your question but was a recommendation for all users. Because the movie could be corrupted my actual question was: Can the movie be opened with QuickTime Player?