Transition Times

Is there a setting to make a default transition time and is it possible to select all slides and change the transition time in one go?

I’m not sure about having a “default” transition time (it’s not obvious if there is a way to set it BEFORE you actually create a slide show – as a note, I’ve personally never seen the need to have it default to anything in particular anyway). But it’s EASY to change the transitions times for multiple slides all in one go. In Storyboard or Timeline mode, click on the first slide you want to change the transition time to, then hold down the Shift key and select the last slide (or hold down the Command key to select non-adjacent slides), then just go to the options panel, Transition, then click on the value to the right of the Duration slider and just enter the time you want. All of the selected slides will have that transition time applied.

Thanks for the quick reply. That’s what I was doing and it wasn’t working so I figured if that was the right way, something else was at fault and sure enough, I found my answer. All transitions must be the same, it does not work when selecting a series of random transitions. Maybe the good folks at Boinx can remedy that situation? PLEASE… :slight_smile: