Transition by unsharping a picture

Any idea here how to realize a transition from a sharp picture to a totally unsharp one or vice versa? I did already picture transitions from black & white into colour by positioning on same position same picture b&w and coloured. But with which tool can I unsharp my photo? Have no knowledge to do it in PS Elements 11

There is no built-in tool or transition within FM to perform a blur, as far as I know. It would be kinda cool, though.

Creating it from something like Photoshop would require a LOT of work (making a bunch of shots with various blur settings, saving those out as individual images, importing into something like Quicktime to create a short movie from one blur-factored image to the next, and then importing that as a “slide” into FM – big pain). There might be another app out there that does it automatically, but I’m not aware of it.

That’s correct: Transition by blurring a photo

Yeah, I got that part :wink: But I repeat, you can’t do it from within FotoMagico :frowning:

I did find that Apple’s iMovie will do it, but I can’t get it to work “perfectly” if trying one option, but it does work using a different option.

First, from within iMovie place your two images, set their durations before and after the blur – and then use the Cross Blur transition between the two and set the timing for the transition. You can export that little snippet using Share > File… which creates an .mp4 video, and then import that into FM.

If I place the same two images in FM FIRST and have them appear as static images, then place the little blurred movie in between them, there’s a very slight color shift as FM plays from the first image “into” the movie, and then another color shift as it exits “out” of the movie. In this case, I have transitions of either Cut or Dissolve with a duration of 0.0s between the images and the imported movie.

What works better is to just do the entire thing in iMovie with the two images you want to use – and DO NOT replicate the starting and ending images in FM that are the same starting and ending images in the blurred movie you created. So just create your slide show as normal in FM, and where you want the blurred effect to occur between images A & B, do it ALL in iMove, import that into FM, and do NOT include images A & B in your FM presentation.

Does that all make sense??? Sorry if it doesn’t – it’s a lot easier to see than to explain.

You are so right! Thank you for your explanation, will try it

I found a way to do a simple version of this in Photoshop Elements 12 and FM. I had a close up photo of a flower that I imported into PSE and used the Gaussian blur filter to apply a little blurring. I added that image to FM and placed the image of the focused flower on top. Then, using FM tools, I tweaked the layers so that it appears out of focus, and then transforms into a fully focused image. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with layers.

I’m not very experienced in using PS Elements. So I created 3 different pics with 3 different (15, 30 and 50) pixel radius without using layers and used these in FM by using function “copy & paste geometry”. Rather perfect, but a built-in transition in FM would solve this more elegant :slight_smile:

PS Elements, iMovie, Photoshop – regardless of what app is being used, it still requires going OUT of FM to get the job done. A “blur” transition is a rather somewhat common scene changer between images (used in movies, nature programs, etc.) so it would be a welcome addition to see listed in the transition options menu.