Transition aleatoire foto magico 5

je precise avec fotomagico 5

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In FM 5, if you want to create Random Transitions, select all the slides you would like to apply transitions to (preferably consecutive slides, but not necessary – non-consecutive selections work as well) then in the Options panel go to Transition > Type > select Random from the pop-down menu (it’s the last option on the list). Another panel appears with all of the possible transitions shown. Click on the check boxes to turn on or turn off those you would like to use or not use, then click on the Randomize button. Voila!!

The new FM 6.0.1 no longer has the Random transition function. Depending on your personal preferences, that might be a loss to your slideshow creation options. Personally, I stick with just a few types of transitions, and only use them if it can spice up the presentation based on the images being presented.

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