transfer to Toast to burn dvd

I am just testing making a slideshow for the first time. All worked well (13 slides @ 5s + 3s transition 618 mb). When transferring to Toast Titanium 7 the spokes keep spinning at least 30min before I had to stop it. How long should I expect a transfer to take and is FotoMagico 3 compatible with that version of Toast?

The final version will have 75 slides plus music so I need an idea as to how much time to set aside to do the project.

It might very well be that sending to Toast 8 and below doesn’t work. We added Toast support when Toast 9 was out so maybe this is not possible. We don’t even have a version of Toast 7 around to try. Have you tried sending it to iDVD?

Toast 8 is not working either. It worked in the past before all the upgrades to Fotomagico, but has constantly failed with vs 3.7.6 pro. Confirms the problem is Toast and an upgrade to vs.9 may fix the problem.