Totally confused about still cameras and iStopMotion

Hi, I am hoping someone can help sort out how still cameras are supposed to work with iStopMotion. According to the compatibility list, the PowerShot S110 we bought should capture images, but when I use the Still Camera Assistant, it says it does not. I’ve tried a number of other cameras we have at home (none of which had the capture compatibility) and no luck either. Do I take this camera back and get one of the Nikon Coolpix that have are listed as compatible? Is there a hardware issue (i.e. Do I need to use Firewire or a HDMI capture device?).

Thanks in advance.

Users sent eight test results of the Canon PowerShot S110 to our database. Three of younger once has a positive result on “capture”. This gives me confidents that it should work. In earlier days MacOS-X wasn’t able to capture with the Canon PowerShot S110 but in the meantime the system learned how to talk to that camera. May be you have to switch the “transfer mode” on your camera to “PTP” (or exactly the other one).

There should be no need to use Firewire or an HDMI capture device, just use your USB cable.