Total Noob (Teacher) needs help choosing a camera

Hey everyone!

I am starting a project within the next days which aims to create a Stop-Motion-Movie with 9-year-old kids at Primary school.

I was wondering which camera ist best to choose. Havent got my Mac yet, so I cant test any device myself.

Have got Canon EOS 450D here but I read, that there are some Problems, especially with remote capturing right?

What I need is: remote capturing via Mac and Live Preview on Macs Display.
Is Onion Skinning provid, so that the Kids can see what they are actually changing in front of the camera?

Thanks in advance

Michael from Germany

I’d say for a total noob an expensive DSLR is a bit much to start with…
Capturing is fine since the last release, but there is no live preview.

Especially for working with kids I recommend an affordable webcam from Agama or Logitech. They won’t also brake too easily…

Thanks for that advice.

Any recommends in case of webcams? As i said before I’d really appreciate live preview. Or what do you think, do I really need live preview?

We made good experiences with cams from Agama, Logitech and also the IPEVO Point 2 View.

If you really need live preview depends on you, you can also achieve great results without live preview.

Allright, my favorites are the IPEVO Point 2 View (sadly only available in the US), The Hue HD, or the Logitech HD Pro C910.

Does any of these provide Live Preview? I’m just a little anxious that the kids get along without…

By the way: I’m not sure, how to find out if a cam can provide live preview just through the specs, rather than testing it…

Should all provide live preview. Can’t say anything about the quality though.

In general live preview is technically only possible with HDV/DV/mini-DV cameras (mostly via FireWire), HDMI out and a capture card and USB webcams that are OSX / Quicktime compatible.

okay, thank you for your endurance, MacBook Pro is on its way to me, and now I am able to choose a camera. Will probably get a webcam to try things out! B-)