Tools needed to build layers into Boinx?? Programming languages , Apple tools etc?

What tools do i need to build layers into BoinxTV.?? How do i edit the software if i want to make changes to it like if i want to rename the layers created??( programming languages, sdk ??) what is Boinx TV built on?? Is it possible? One more question… Can I use the same licence on different computers??

All you need is Quartz Composer, which is on the OSX DVD - install the developer tools. You can find info by searching these forums and reading the relevant section on the BoinxTV website. Also look in the BoinxTV help for the inputs and outputs documentation.

@nextblcoknews: as ukc noted you will need Quartz Composer to build BoinxTV layers. The “programming language” is spaghetti noodles as you can see here: :wink:

How to change the name of a layer?

  • select the layer you want to rename in the Layers Repository in BoinxTV.
  • right click on it, a context menu will pop up.
  • select “Show In Finder”, Finder will open a new window and show you where the Quartz Composition document is located
  • IMPORTANT: make a copy of the layer onto your desktop! If you work inside BoinxTV all your changes will get lost once you will update BoinxTV to new version.
  • Open the copy of you layer in Quartz Composer editor.
  • Hit command-alt-i to open the composition information sheet.
  • In this sheet you have to find the “name” value and change it
  • IMPORTANT: also change the value for “tv_LayerIdentifier” to something unique to you. BoinxTV will check this identifier to compare it to others stored in your BoinxTV documents.
  • Optional: change the “tv_SortKey” to sort your new layer to the top in BoinxTV (e.g. filling in “AA”)
  • save and close the document
  • Change the file ending of your document from “.qtz” to “.tvlayer”
  • Double click the document in Finder to automatically start the installation process in BoinxTV. The document gets copied into ~/Library/Application Support/Boinx/BoinxTV/Layers . Changing your desktop copy won’t affect the installed layer in BoinxTV.

Can I use the same license on different computers?

  • From the EULA: “The license is granted for the use of one copy of the Product on a single computer.”

thanks . Do you offer "volume discounts " for software purchases. We are a new startup and looking into using BoinxTV. We are in stealth mode right now. One more question:: How do i change my username on this discussion forum
thanks again

Please send your volume discount request to sales(at) (please add a quantity and a little information about your organization). Thank you very much!

To change your user name please click on your name in the post, and select “Edit my profile” in the top right corner.

BTW: We offer developing custom BoinxTV layers if you are not able to do it by yourself. To learn more about this, read the topic “Customizing BoinxTV” on this page:

Tried to edit username … does not let me do it… Is it possible to change it in the backend (your admin database)??