Toast option grayed out in Share>DVD>Burn with

I have the latest version of fotomagico and the latest version of toast titanium on osx mavericks. The Toast option is grayed out in Share>DVD>Burn with as seen here: Why would that be?

I am having the same problem.

Thanks for reporting, we will have a look into it!

It looks like that Toast has discontinued the scripting abilities of its application, so that we aren’t able to send the file to Toast directly anymore. Please export your show to the desktop and manually drag it into your Toad project. Sorry for the inconvenience!

i had the same problem and did drag to the desktop and tried to burn it there, unfortunately the discs that I burned do not play on any of my dvd players. it gives me a pre-burn message asking me if i want to burn in PAL or NTSC and then allows me to burn after I chose. I have chosen both formats with no luck. Any further suggestions? I had used these two programs prior to the last update with great success and ease, why did things get changed around?

@pmeshanic: By “drag to the desktop” did you mean “export to the desktop”? Please can you describe your workflow in more detail?