Titles move when animated slide moves

I’m trying to add a title to a slide. The slide is animated. When the slide begins to move (zoom out) the title floats to the middle of the slide. I want the title to remain stationary. I’ve tried disabling animation for the title slide, but that also disables the picture slide animation. How can i stop this? Also, is there any way to stretch a title over several pic slides?


I solved part of my problem: by aligning the title in the “Start” and “Finish” screens, the title stays put. I haven’t figured out how to stretch a title over several slides.

You have two options to have a title over several slides in FotoMagico:

  1. you copy/paste the complete title from one slide slot to the next one. you have to make sure that the “visibility” of the title in the first slide is set up until the end (options in the titles panel on the right) and in the second slide at the beginning. Please keep in mind, that you have two separate title objects and you will have to change both in case you aren’t satisfied with position and such.

  2. You put in all the slides that should have the same title in one slide slot and define the visibility of the slides in that way that only one slide is visible at a time. Downside: You only can do “cut/fade/dissolve” transitions because you only can control the visibility of the slides; You have to deal with multiple layers in the editor: its a bit hard so select the right slides and manipulate it, once they are on top of each other.