Titles: I always get a white background while inserting titles

When I insert a title it always gets a white background, impossible to change that in the font section. When making the title in the text editor from Apple, I get a transparent (or other background). This problem occurs (for me) for the first time. Does anyone have the same problem and is there a solution?

I have Fotomagico Pro 4.1 and use Mavericks as del as OSX 10.7.5

Sorry, when using my new iMac this problem doesn’t occur. (Os Mavericks), but on my old MacPro with OSX 10.7.5 the problem is still there!

Please try to reset FotoMagcio Preferences and settings. FotoMagico stores some default-Font settings here. To do so quit FotoMagico, open your users Library folder (hold down the option key and selegt “Go > Library” menu item in Finder). Step into the “Preferecens” folder and remove all files that starts with “com.boinx.fotomagico”. Now start FotoMagico again. Does this solve your problem?

I have done it and now all problems are resolved! Thank you very much…

I’m having this same problem, but resetting the preferences doesn’t help. Anything else I can do? I’ve even reinstalled to no effect…