Title updates in slides seem to be overlooked(sometimes) when sharing/exporting a project...

It occured already a few times to me: I update title text in a slide in an HD presentation in progress. After sharing/exporting the project to Apple TV (it takes several hours of course), the text updates seem to have disappeared in the resulting .mov film. When I restart FM4.3.1 and reopen the project, at first sight indeed the text updates are not there anymore; but when opening the specific title text for edit(in blue), the updated text pops up again correctly. Bad luck because I have to re-share/export to AppleTV again for several hours to have my updates available in the .mov film. Pretty enoying to be honest!
Is this a small error in FotoMagico4.3.1 or is there something I didn’t understand well in using FotoMagico?

I am running an iMac 2012(3.2GHz) and OSX 10.8.4

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The problem seems to be, that FotoMagico is caching the titles as images and for an unknown reason didn’t update it properly in your project. So the image shows the old version (previous text) and the document knows about the new version of your text. Do you have a step by step instruction on how to get this inconsistency created?

(BTW: You can test-run your export by setting a very low pixel resolution and low frame rate so that the export don’t take hours, just minutes. If you are satisfied with the result, you can export the high resolution)

Thx Achim for your reply! It is not easy to come up with a step by step on this one. As far as I remember the last occurence, I simply made an update to the last slide title text (changing the color of some of the words/ changing some letters to capitals) and almost immediately after went for the share/export to AppleTV. I am not sure I did an explicit save of the project; I suppose that happens auto before the export; or could that be the reason? The previuos occurence I clearly updated several slides in the presentation, including length of the transistions and so, and those were also missing in the exported .mov file.

Thx for the BTW; I’ll try that one, looks handy! Not sure how to change resolution and frame rate for only an export?

Sorry for my delay in responding! To test the export in a fast way you do the following:

  • Choose the “QuickTime Export” sharing option, you will get a sheet with the export options.
  • change the "encoded size to “320"x"240” (or any other small size that fits your stage aspect ratio
  • select “Compression: Customize”, this will give you the opportunity to setup the video codec and its option for the final product in a new window
  • Select “Video Settings…”, which gives you another window for the compression codec.
  • Setup the “Frame Rate:” to “Custom” and enter “1” in the fps field.
  • close those two windows with “OK”, you should be back on the export sheet
  • click “Continue” to go on with the usual export procedure in FotoMagico.

Note: Those codec setting windows are generated by the MacOS X and QuickTime and we don’t have any access to make this more comfortable for you.