Title shorter than video clip

I am thinking I could potentially use Fotomagico to edit videos rather than using something like iMovie. Is it possible to make a title shorter than a clip? Seems that the Titles cover the entire clip. I know I could split the clip (make a short section up front) and then add the title to that, but that could take a long time to do each one.

Any such function? Thanks!

Select the layer which holds the Title. Then in the Layer submenu on the right hand side, you should find a Visibility control bar. Adjust the start and end points by dragging the little control triangles at the bottom. If you want the title to start when the slide or clip starts, but you want it to fade or disappear before the clip ends, just slide the RIGHT triangle to the left and place it where you want. Unfortunately there’s no way to make “precise” numerical adjustments – you have to eyeball it. But that should get you what you want. You can adjust the “transparent” looking triangles as well, which allows for the title to fade in or out over time, rather than doing an abrupt transition from there to not there, or the other way around. Just play around with the controls.

Hope that helps…