Timed layers - how to stop this behaviour?

I’m using 2.8.1b2

I’ve just loaded up my main document. I use a Presenter 2D layer. Before, if I activated this layer, it stayed active. Now, without me making any changes, it has a 15s automatic timer, and turns itself off! I cannot find where this setting has been added to the layer. I need this to stay on indefinitely. How do I change the behaviour?

Never mind, I found it. The layer uses a video in one window, and all my video clip sources that were set to loop have been set back to playback once. Not sure why that has happened…

I’m glad you got that sorted. The video source now has a new feature: Apart from “Looping” you can now set it to go indefinitely, freezing the last frame if necessary. This is useful for incoming animations for lower thirds using background videos.