Timecode / Autoplay a layer at timecode X

I’m in trial. I cannot find an option to start layers at a special time-code automatically. For e.g.: preproduced end-scroller in ProRes4444 with sound-bed title music, starting automatically 3 minutes before the show will end (or after 57 minutes of being live). For me it’s necessary to reduce the work for those who are sitting at the switches. With a stop all lives afterwards.

Based on this, it would be also cool to have Autoplay at Timecode X with loading an other layer-combination (from button-panel) afterwards during the show. Are there already options?


@JoPhi There is currently no way to switch layers live at a certain time. However, there is a start show and end show trigger and you can set the show to have a start and end offset. https://www.dropbox.com/s/y8pprc1vjf2pj06/Screenshot%202017-11-05%2018.32.23.png?dl=0

You can use the triggers to put a layer live: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zydeksw8yhwp9vs/Screenshot%202017-11-05%2018.33.00.png?dl=0

Turning off layers after show stop is unnecessary if all the outputs are stopped.

thx for the advice.