Tilt Shift Filter on Imported Photos?

I’m very sad - I thought this would be a great way to simplify my current workflow (which is Photoshop actions + Premiere), but it looks like the tilt shift filter doesn’t work on imported photos? I shoot out in the field, and having a computer with me isn’t feasible, and it looked like this could do what I need, but now that I have the software it looks like I might be mistaken.

Is there any way to use the filters (saturation, tilt shift, contrast) on a set of imported photos?


Currently the tilt shift only applies on frames taken in the application, but we are working on that…


In fact, as of the latest beta version (see http://www.boinx.com/istopmotion/beta/) both Tilt Shift and Color Correction will also be applied to imported photos.

The only requirement is that there is a source selected. Having “None” will not apply the filters, any other should. We will try to remove that requirement in a future version.