Tiling of Images

When I move multiple images now they don’t want “untile”. How do I turn this irritating “new” feature off? I don’t want a block of images sitting on my timeline.

Hi, I am not really sure what you are referring to. can you please provide a screenshot so I can better understand what you mean.

It is not something I really want to re-create. On the image line, if I move an image in the row and don’t place it exactly in between the two images I want to move it to, it stacks on top of the image nearest. And it is difficult to unstack. Like tiling in Photoshop. Sometimes I can move the image into place, but most of the time I have to delete the stacks and re-import the images again. Is this some new feature or just a glitch/bug?

I am on a bit of deadline, if it happens again I will take a screen shot for you.

this is the layers feature that is new since FotoMagico 4.0. If you move the image in between the slides a yellow marking appears indicating it will be inserted in between the slides: http://take.ms/R1NHC
If you move it above another slide, there will be a yellow marking above the slide, indicating it will be inserted as a layer. http://take.ms/jU1lB

This feature cant be turned off.

Yes, I don’ like it in Photo shop and I don’t like it here. But I see nowhere to turn it off. It really slows up my workflow. How do I get rid of it?

As I said before: this a feature since FotoMagico 4 and it can’t be turned off.

Sorry, I misread your reply. I am sure some people have a use for it but I don’t. You can turn it off in Photoshop. Would be a good idea in your next update for FM that you allow users to do the same. It really cost me time. The new IOSs from MAC are glitchy enough without adding this to a perfectly stable FotoMagico. It wasn’t broken in the past so didn’t really need fixing. I do like your new sharing using ProTune. Keep that!!

Thank you for your feedback, I have filed a feature request and we might consider this for a future version.

Great, thank you.