Thunderbolt to firewire hub?


I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this setup problem I am having.

I am using an imac with two thunderbolt ports.

I am using one thunderbolt port to broadcast to a TV via a thunderbolt to hdmi cable.

Is it possible to connect two canon hv20 cameras to the other thunderbolt port? If so how could I achieve this? Would something like a yin-yang adapter be suitable?…-800-400-mini-hub.html

Looking forward to any help people can offer,


If you have one existing FW800 port then you can just use a FW4002TB adapter from Apple or 3rd party to save $.

What sort of iMac do you have? (I’m remembering Apple ditched FW in the latest ones now didn’t they :-\ Takes them forever to introduce USB3.0 and no time at all to cull FW800!)

Does it not have any FW port at all.

OT: I have a 17" MBP with a single FW800 port that connects to my HV20. I’m actually trying to bring it in via a BlackMagic Design Ultrastudio MiniRecorder so I can run a long HDMI cable which I already own. The MiniRecorder accepts HDMI and connects to my only TB port. Singnal is coming into the BMD Media Express but BonixTV wont recognise the device ATM it is greyed out I’ve no idea why.

Looks like you are in Melbourne Au? Me too!

Hello Useful Design,

The iMac I have does not have any firewire ports, so thunderbolt is my only option. Do you know if they sell any kind of thunderbolt spitters so i can connect more devices - 2 ports is just not enough!

Yes, I am in Melbourne!