Thumbnail/preview is black after export

I have tried emailing support but cannot get this resolved. When I export a video of any kind, in any format, the thumbnail or preview shown in file view is a black slide. I can hit play and it will start without a problem, but the preview thumbnail is black. This would be a non-issue except that I upload my videos to Smugmug and in my video folder there are basically a dozen black boxes. I cannot see what the video is without hitting play to start it, so that the first slide or video starts up. Is there not a way to make a preview or intro slide that will always show before play is hit? For reference, in Smugmug and file view on my mac, I can see an image displayed for the raw clips no problem, it is only Fotomagico exports that will not show a preview image. Even the saved FM files show a preview image and are not black. When I watch export happening, it almost looks like it is inserting a black slide at the beginning. I have tried every setting imaginable, deleting and reinstalling, deleting the preferences from my files, nothing works.


Also, just for giggles I created an identical video in iMovie, exported everything the same way, and lo and behold there is a preview image. It is not black. It only happens in FM. Stumped.