There are no shortcuts for the output panel

There are no start and stop recording shortcuts only start and stop show. No start nor stop live stream, no start no stop audio monitor, no start or stop BMD playout. Also very important, yesterday we used mimolive to do a live public address with our Prime minister to Facebook and to satellite for television broadcasting live, the Facebook comments layer stopped working due to an internet connecting drop although mimolive automatically reconnected. Not just the comments layer but also the time remaining on the FB stream and the view count all stopped updating. The comments layer was being used so people watching can talk to to prime minister.

I’m sorry to hear about the troubles with Facebook. The Facebook platform is continually changing which also means that stuff breaks often. Can you send us a link to the Facebook live video? After the reconnect, was it still the same stream or did Facebook create a new stream?

The shortcuts for starting/stopping individual output destinations is a good idea, we’ll add it to the feature request list.

it was the same stream. However in previous versions of mimolive SOMETIMES Facebook use to create a new stream link. Also i think something is wrong with the website. Its rather hard to get into the forum Page and the download page at times. Sometimes it says (while displaying the topics) “Oops this page doesnt exist or is private” and other times it says “ Refuse to connect”

I agree that it would be nice to be able to remote control the controls in the output panel. I’ve been setting up multiple audio outputs so that I can preview before going on-air with background audio, and that requires toggling outputs on and off… as well as operating sliders (which goes back to my request for midi mapping of controls.)