The good, the bad, and the ugly from Alaska

Though I would share my experiences with ML and Apple M1 Max 32GB laptop on my current job.

This is a job I posted about last year, which is the livestream coverage of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. 24x7 stream for about 3 weeks.

I discuss much of the livestream tech on my podcast.

I love the product and offer this as conversation not criticism.

The Good: Media Play Lists, Layer Variants, ISO Records, NDI output, and the remote control.

The Bad: lack of preview capability, issues (still) with audio routing, stream warnings that are overly sensitive.

The Ugly: FFMPEG integration is confusing, RTSP even in 5.11 doesn’t work well. Blackmagic drivers are broken, using huge amounts of CPU.

I don’t think I could do this show without Mimo. Thanks to the Boinx team!

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Totally Agree Art. The fact that you can only really preview something in layers by clicking it is a pain for me to.

Read that the FFMPEG was fixed havent tried it as yet.

Hi @Art_Aldrich Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. I’m sorry that it wasn’t flawless.

Obviously, the I’m glad that there are good things and that overall, you like mimoLive. Thanks for the kind words.

I will address the Bad and the Ugly one by one:

The lack of preview capability I will take as feedback and keep on mind in case we can do something about it in the future. A preview would require a second render engine and essentially halve the performance of the computer. With a Mac Studio with M1 Ultra this might not be a big issue though. We’ll see once we have our system here.

Can you (maybe privately) let me know more specifics about the audio routing experiences?

The overly sensitive stream warnings are something we will address in the future.

FFmpeg integration is supposed to be confusing… Joking aside, we hope to be able to make it more user friendly in the future as soon as we have more experience and seen test and use cases. I think it would be great to select “RTMP Server” and “SRT Server” and “RTSP Server” and only have to enter the info that is required by the service. But we are not yet sure what parameters we can ignore and what people need to be able to set manually. FFmpeg is vastly powerful and complex and there are so many options that are required in certain circumstances and not in others…

The fact we only ever got RTSP to work sort of OK in 5.11 is why we decided to use a general purpose FFmpeg source and expose all the complexity to ensure that experts are able to tweak it to the specific use case.

Performance of the FFmpeg source is vastly improved in mimoLive 6.0b9.

I also want to point out that we do strongly discourage using mimoLive 5.11 or earlier on M1 Macs.

We’ve made some progress on Blackmagic support on the M1 Max in mimoLive 6.0b9 but there is still room for improvement. However, some of the problems might be in the BMD drivers. My feeling is that BMD is going to have a new release when Apple ships MacOS 12.3 in the coming days.

We’re totally committed to resolving those issues asap.

BlockquoteWe’re totally committed to resolving those issues asap.

This is why Mimo is the tool of choice for me.

I only run 5.11 on my i9 backup. There is quite the tale of problems on EP104 of my podcast about the BMD issues.

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