Thanks for the drama.

The following email was sent to me because I once bought Boinx’s software. As the CEO says in this email, the company created a forum for its users back in 2003 and then shut it down because all people did was complain on it. According to the CEO some of the things they were complaining about “were not even our fault” (I read that part in the voice of a teenager). In addition to that someone was really nasty on the forum. None of this I was aware of until I read this email. Well now they would like for me to be excited because in the age of the social media “conversation” they have opened up a new web forum. The CEO then ends the email with a call for us users to “behave”. Thanks for dragging me into the drama guys.

Dear …,

Back in 2003 when we first opened a forum, we envisioned it to be this great place where we could meet our customers, get the best feedback from them, have them post their great work and inspire each other to even more excellence.

And then, the first guy posting was disregarding all good manners and accepted social standards.

The next couple of people would find their way to the forum to vent their frustration about things that were not even our fault. And while their comments have ultimately helped to make our products better (we figured out ways to help them avoid the frustration) we decided that one-to-one tech support via email was the better option and closed the forum again.

Eight years later, a revolution has swept through our industry. Twitter, Facebook, Gowalla, Foursquare, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr all worked to bring customers and vendors, users and developers, you and us closer together into a great conversation. We have gotten a voice and we, you and us, are using it.

It turns out there can really be this great place where we can meet and be inspired.

Enjoy - and remember to behave according to accepted social standards. :wink:
I am looking forward to seeing you there!

Hi Ryan, looks like you found your way here. Thanks for joining. I am sorry that you did not like my email - at least I assume that is what you are telling me. Any suggestions on what you would like to read in the newsletter instead?