text slide duration

I have imported an mp4 video and placed a text slide above it. The video is 60s long. the text is displayed for 60s. I only want the text to show for the first five seconds then fade out. I find that if I change the duration of the text slide, it also changes the duration of the video. Are they connected/locked together? I cannot find where to have a separate duration for the text slide. Appreciate any help on this.
thank you.

Hi, kris – in the single slide of your presentation, select ONLY the TEXT LAYER (click and hilite it in the Timeline). Then go to the Options pane and then the Layer sub-pane where you’ll find a Visibility slider. If you want the text to show for the first 5 seconds and then fade out, drag the RIGHT-HAND right-facing triangle under the slider box to the left. The fade-out triangle will move to the left with it. If you want the text to just DISAPPEAR abruptly, leave those two little triangles butting up against each other. If you want the text to actually “fade” over time, then move the left-facing triangle MORE to the left to create a fade-out ramp. The problem is, there is no way to adjust the TIMING to last exactly 5 seconds. You’ll have to do some easy math and some visual guessing as to where to place the triangle. If the slide lasts 60 seconds, then 5 seconds is 1/12 the distance along the visibility scale. There are some visible “markers” along the scale evenly spaced, but you’ll still have to figure out how many of those markers comprise 5 seconds of your total 60 second slide.

Hope that helps, and wasn’t too confusing :wink:

perfect! thank you