Text layers and formatting problems

I have been using Fotomagico for many, many years and this is the first time I have encountered this issue with titles. I am adding a title on top of an image. Once it is added it appears to lock to the image below, so when I try to move the title the image moves as well. I checked to make sure the “lock” is not activated, so that does not appear to be the cause. I tried it in another project and the same thing is happening. I also noticed that when I now add a title with animation I do not get the formatting tool that shows when side A is matched up with side B. any ideas?

Hi, Thanks for using FotoMagico!

I’m sorry about the issue you’re experiencing. I’ll forward to the engineering team for further investigation.

Bob, I am wondering why your post isn’t in capital letters only :innocent: The behaviour you described means that you are locked your keyboard to capital letters by the capslock key on the far right (green LED indicates that its activated). This feature can help you to drag all the layers at once. In consequence the smart guides aren’t visible anymore because it’s not possible to detect where to snap to.

Hah!! I’ve been using FM for years now and never knew about THAT feature! Just looked in the on-line help file searching for “caps lock”, “lock”, “group”, etc. and couldn’t find any reference to it. Of course I might have missed it somewhere else. Might be a good idea to update user manuals and/or help files to reflect the ability to perform that function.

Thank you. I was using capital letters for titles on this project, which I’m thinking I have not done before. I guess that is a feature that could come in handy.