Text "document color" doesn't work -- never has?

When adding a title and then calling up the Font Editor (from the sidebar, Title>Format>Font (select “A”)), all of the font traits except one are assignable (Underline, Text Strikethrough, Text Color, and Text Shadow (along with it’s parameters)).

But “Document Color” has never seemed to work. That allows the box the text is in to have its own color as a background.

If I wanted to create red text on a green background box, for example, I can assign the color red to the text, but assigning the green color for the box the text is contained in NEVER sticks. In fact, it doesn’t do anything.

Has this been a bug that has never been addressed, or is there some reason this is the only feature that doesn’t work. One would think that since this is Apple’s built-in Font dialog box, that it would just be simple calls to built-in OS routines.

If this can be fixed, I’d also like to be able to apply an opacity to that background box as well (from 100% solid color to 0% transparent). Same to the text color, too!!

Thanks for the feature request. You are already able to set the text color of your titles with transparency: select the title in question, open the “Title” section ot the “Options” panel on the right side of the document window. Click on the color wheel button to open the color selector window panel. At the bottom of the window you will find a “Opacity” slider.

Hi, Achim –

Thanks for the reply.

Yes – but try applying an opacity of say, 50%, to the title text. Now press the Enter key to accept it. Now go back to the title text to make an edit to the text itself. Double click on the text to edit it, and the opacity reverts BACK to 100%. The opacity percentage doesn’t “stick.” You have to reset it to 50% again manually when you’re finished making the text edits.

No way to check what happens to the background box color or opacity since it hasn’t worked anyway (my original query).

Nice finding. Thanks for reporting!