Testing the Hue HD Webcam


Do you know any good sites for webcam testing? I like http://www.SillyWebcam.com

Thanks for the info on the Hue HD. The manual focus ring is essential because you don't want focus to change from frame-to-frame as objects move or new objects are introduced to the scene. But I'm also concerned about auto white balance, which was mentioned, and exposure control, which was not mentioned. If either of these 2 functions are automated, you can get changes in coloring or exposure between successive frames. I need to be able to set both parameters at the beginning of a scene, and have them maintained throughout the entire scene.

Both of those features are automatic. I haven't found a usb webcam that gives control over these.

Hue HD goes natively to 640 x 480- cant see a way to get 1600x1200, any ideas?