Test Drive FotoMagico 4 Today!

     <div class="EmbeddedContent"><img src="http://www.boinx.com/chronicles/media/MD001351.png" class="LeftAlign" /><strong>Test Drive FotoMagico 4 Today!</strong>
        <p>Attention Boinx fans! <a class='externallink' href='http://boinx.com/fotomagico/beta/'>FotoMagico 4 is now available in Public Beta</a>! Our premier slideshow presentation software is getting a pretty sweet makeover, so to celebrate, we’d like to invite all of you to test drive FotoMagico 4 and take a sneak peek at all of the great new features we’ve added to it. Okay, okay, we’re so excited we’re just going to tell you about some of the new features (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still participate in the Beta!).  So, here’s a brief look at some of FotoMagico 4’s new features…  - Support for multiple layers lets users mix and match photos, videos and titles on a single slide- A new Timeline for making precise adjustments to slide duration and transitions with a simple click-and-drag- Audio becomes visual – the new Audio Waveform lets users sync music with slides flawlessly and adjust volume fades right from the Timeline- A sleeker and more intuitive workspace  To participate in the FotoMagico 4 Public Beta, simply <a class='externallink' href='http://boinx.com/fotomagico/beta/'>fill out this form</a> to receive download...</p>
        <p><a href="http://boinx.com/chronicles/2012/8/2/test-drive-fotomagico-4-today/?utm_source=Boinx+Software+Ltd.+List&utm_campaign=c1821999a3-FotoMagico_4_Beta_announcement8_7_2012&utm_medium=email">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Have you improved the syncing of audio and images yet?

This has been a huge problem with FM for years. Basically if I create a slide show and match up the sound accurately as I go along it all looks/sounds great. If I then dip in at any point on the timeline and check if its ok it all is in sync.

However when I play it through from start to finish by the time it gets to half way through the slide show the sound is out of sync, and by the end it is well out. As you can imagine this is not very useful.

I have tried this is various versions and on multiple computers and it is always the same problem.

Have you managed to fix this?

I still use FM a lot but I have to be careful with critical work as I cannot trust FM to be accurate.

WOW! When are we going to be able to purchase? VERY well done, guys. This upgrade takes it up notches unknown!!

Will FM allow cropping of images and then merge into one slide?

Boy was I excited when I received the email about FM 4! I downloaded it, clicked to install then I got the good news–It won’t work on my machine. I run a MacPro with OS x 10.6.8. It appears I need Lion to use it. I have resisted to going to Lion based on the slowness, weird changes to the interface and other factors. I guess I am out of luck now. I have done way too much work on this machine to chance that Lion upgrade. I did not see any system requirements in any of the emails to download the beta. So I suppose I won’t know how great FM 4 is!

Accurate audio syncing is a key for:

  • matching slide duration with the song’s BPM
  • matching a dramatic song moment with a corresponding picture

In FM2, audio syncing is quite painful, because the exported movie often doesn’t correspond to the preview. In the end, I abandoned it (and didn’t upgrade to FM 3) because it was too time-consuming. Besides this, it was a spectacular tool.

Warning Fotomagico 4 is not working with my 10.6.8 version of mac os X. Sorry I will not be able to test your new soft.

I think it is vital to state on this web page that the Beta is for Mac OS 10.7.4 or later. I am the second person, and not the last, to discover this by downloading and trying. I am using 10.6.8 as many still are who are not fans of the new “features” of Lion or Mountain Lion!! Please, if possible, make it available to Snow Leopard users!

Looks good but where is the Quicktime Pro share/export option? Can’t seem to find it.

Samples please! Has anyone found a short piece where we can see someone’s work? Please, if you make something, share it on Youtube for us to see. Many thanks. I’m really looking forward to this. FINALLY!

@ soccermom. There is an awesome sample piece as part of the FM 4 Beta. There is no doubt Lion needs more memory than earlier versions of Mac OS, but a memory upgrade is well worth it.

Hey folks,
watching the demo slideshow, provided with FM 4 beta just kicked me out of my chair! :slight_smile:

The price/functionality ratio of FM 3.x has never met my demand compared to some other feature rich tools, but having seen what you can create with FM 4 and how to do it in this demo slideshow is really worth giving it a try again, which I will definitely do.

So I hope that burning this demo slideshow to DVD will work with an adequate result and with audio in full sync.

Best regards da_woife

Although all excited in the first place, export doesn’t work in this beta. :((

I tried both, DVD and AppleTV export of the demo slideshow. Export is terminated early during video rendering although my iMAC meets (minimum) FM4 specs (CoreDuo/8GB RAM/256 MB Graphics RAM).

Too bad, will wait for an updated beta…

Best regards da_woife :-S

The guided tour is awesome ! FM4 is really more than an upgrade, thanks to the team.
I will use it during my vacation and be back with more comments after that.

I don’t know where to post feedback on the beta. I think that it should be in the help menu.

I like what the upgrade offers but I’m not sure it’s worth the $99 that I saw you plan to charge. I will give it a further test to see if my mind changes.

I add my name to the growing list of those that have already commented that you need to be up front on your initial invitations that the Beta is for Mac OS 10.7.4 or later. I am certain that I will not be the last to discover this system requirement after responding to the invitation to download and provide feedback. I continue to feel comfortable with 10.6.8 and am not impressed by the new “features” of Lion or Mountain Lion!! Please remember the Snow Leopard users!

Lion und Mountain Lion haben mich bisher nicht überzeugen können, im Gegenteil, sie schaffen hier Probleme, die ich bisher bei meiner Arbeitsweise nicht kannte.
Fotomagico 4 hingegen wäre ein Fortschritt für mich, würde es unter 10.6.8 laufen.

In FM4 can you provide a ‘Share’ option to upload videos to Vimeo? If you can’t (or won’t) do that, can you please make a check box in the YouTube export option to NOT directly upload the video to YouTube. The web optimised output would then only go to my hard disk and I could upload it to Vimeo or elsewhere later.

At first sight, this is a complete breaktrough in slideshow creation. It combines the ease of use of a traditional slideshow creator, with professional features that could only be realised with apps like Final Cut Pro. Now that multiple layers are introduced, and with precise audio editing possibilities, FotoMagico will regain its status as my favourite slideshow producer. I 'll try to provide my experience in detail soon.

To me, what’s currently missing, is the ability to crop or — even better — mask photo’s. With the addition of multiple layers, this should be the very next step. Maybe even provide a few simple layouts for slides with 2 or 3 photo’s in it. At this moment we have to make borders and bars ourselves and import them as a photo (and I don’t think that 's the right way).