Teradek & Boinx


we want to stream 2 cameras over the Wifi from one room to another.

We are thinking to use 2 cameras both with Teradek Cubes for streaming (each).

Is it pssible to define each Teradek Stream as a camera source in Boinx? Can that be done directly or do we need a plugin?

Thanks & regards from Germany


We tried to integrate the Teradek Cube as a source into BoinxTV but so far were unsuccessful, due to the fact how the BoinxTV engine is built. So far there is no native way of getting it into BoinxTV.

Hi Bastian

That’s bad news. Is there any other streaming device you could recommend where I can stream directly in high quality and fluent moves? The camtwist option works, but is not reaching our quality standards as we want to get two cameras CamTwist only creates one stream, but again with a quality issue.