Is there any teleprompter software that i can use with boinx or is there a layer for in BOINXTV?? Like if i am using Boinxtv ,. is there a layer or software that i can use at the same time adding layers to the video and typing text into the teleprompter that can be displayed on a screen that the host can read off??

Don’t think you want to use BoinxTV for this. You might look at this option, so long as you can get the display very close to the camera lens height:

I haven’t used this, so I can’t say how well it will work.

I looked at buying a full blown teleprompter, but they are prohibitively expensive for us. In the end we went for this:

… along with the most inexpensive ipad I could find on ebay. It works really well.

thanks will look into it