System requirements and a suggestion

Hi you all,

First a suggestion, I think it would be great to have an iPhone camera-app which can send video directly to BoinxTV. Especially when that app would support video’s made and controlled with

The 27" iMac can be BTO with 2gb of video ram. Is this noticable when it comes to using BoinxTV?
I want to make the delay-time als short als possible when projecting the image.

  1. Thanks for your suggestion! Nice device thought.

  2. Video RAM is very important for BoinxTV. The more you have the better BoinxTV will perform. But Video RAM is not all that counts in when it comes to the delay in digital video production: The biggest problem is that the video image has to be digitized, compressed to a stream, transferred serially, decoded from RAM to the graphics card and then displayed. You usually will get a 1/5 secs delay when using digital video equipment. This delay can’t be avoided and makes it hard to use in “direct to stage” productions.