Syphon Input & Output setup help

I’m trying to work with Syphon capable sources, but I’m not getting anywhere trying to figure out how to make it work with BoinxTV. the blog article seems to have a broken link as I’m not finding the input & output plugins. I installed the quartz composer plugin, Syphon Client & Server, & tried importing the layer from a VJ I found online with no success.

Please share any info on this. Thanks!!!

do you want to send or receive data in BoinxTV?

receive for sure but would also like output too if possible.

Hi. Use that link… and follow the directions precisely, and it will do whatever you desire. I just went all through it and it’s working. The ORDER that you do the steps is important.

It’s not just regarding streaming to hangouts or whatever, it’s about Camtwist and how it is used as a video source in any app that allows you to select a source. Camtwist can choose any open window as a cam source. In this case, the BoinxTV preview window.